14 June 2009

Handicap International

While a standard airmail letter from Phnom Penh to Hongkong costs 2300r, this only takes 1000r to Paris. It has a story to tell.

The letter was sent under the umbrella of Handicap International.

Handicap International is a Europe based non-governmental organization (NGO) set up in 1982. Initially they provided help in refugee camps in Cambodia and Thailand, now they focus their work on Cambodian disabled people welfare, AIDS fight, landmine clearance and proverty elimination. Outside Cambodia, the organization has a supporting network for the disabled worldwide.

If such does not impress you, you may like to realize that Handicap International is one of the 6 founding members of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Cambodia is one of the worst sufferers of landmines - nearly 20,000 civilians have been killed by landmines since 1979, now one out of every 290 Cambodians is amputated. The ban landmine campaign had gained hearty support from Diana, Princess of Wales, and the biggest recognition came in 1997 when it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2007 Cambodia Post launched a 2v set to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Handicap International services. Long before this, the organization has been working close with different government ministries, including the Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications. To lower the organization's operational cost, an honourable agreement is made that mail under the organization's name enjoys bulk mail rate.

The postal used cover shown was sent by bulk mail, franked with a 1000r from the 2007 Handicap International set. Most Handicap International bulk mail is to Europe.

Please visit the website of Handicap International to know more about the organization:

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