8 July 2009

Pure Philatelic Covers of Modern Cambodia

Unlike neighbouring Vietnam and Thailand, Cambodia does not have a large volume of domestic commercial mail, so domestic philatelic mail often take up much collection space.

The cover shown above is a Phnom Penh intracity cover. The well excess postage was cancelled with a Phnom Penh Central Post Office (CPO) postmark, so it tells the letter was mailed at the CPO. The addressee's address is a CPO Box, so it tells the sender actually sent the letter to the place where he sent the letter. The philatelic nature is conspicuous.

Here is one more Phnom Penh intracity philatelic mail, from Boeng Pralit branch office to the CPO. It was overpaid for pretty illustration. Nice eye candy.

Intracity commercial covers are rare, as there is little reason for them to come into existence. Phnom Penh dwellers do not really send letters to reach each other, they use telephones and fax since mail is unreliable. Important documents are always sent by private express delivery companies such as Fedex, TNT, DHL, UPS.

In my 11 June 2009 entry (
click here to read), I brought out the postmark back-dating problem of Cambodia Post. Here is another victim.

Above shown is the written side of a postcard. Cancelled 13th April 1994, the stamp is from the 13th April 1994 "Khmer Culture" 3v set, so this looks like a first day of use thrill.

The unthrilling fact: 1994 was too early for the "PHNOM PENH RP2 CAMBODGE" postmark to come into existence.

This cancellation is obviously the work of back-dating.

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