13 August 2009

Unlisted Stamps (I)

Catalogue unlisted stamps always thrill collectors, they may not be scarce or rare, yet like secrets, their missing arouse everyone's curiosity. Cambodia's unlisted stamps give no exception, these captivating items have posted big challenges to serious collectors as much as postal history specialists. 

In my previous blog entries, I have told the story of 1993 "40th Anniversary of National Independence" 3v set (click here to read), the authentic stamps are unlisted. In Michel, it states "Der Status von drei weiteren, motivleichen (Ansicht von Angkor Vat) Marken zu 400, 500 und 600 R ist ungeklat", Stanley Gibbons and Scott give no reference at all.

In the following year, Cambodia quietly sold a single stamp set without much public attention. Officially issued on 3rd December 1994, the 2000r stamp celebrates "Inauguration Station Terrienne Standard a Cambodge - Australie", the completion of a satellite antenna which was part of Cambodia's US$700,000 joint venture with the Australian telecommunication company OTC (Telstra). Denomination is indicated in Khmer numerals only.

The stamp was nearly unknown outside Cambodia, it had no international sales.
At the time of issue, inflation had already been under control, the face value 2000r fetched for about 0.49USD, this made the stamp not a very high face value one yet postal used copies are unrecorded because at that time the vast majority of outgoing letters had postage at merely 800r (to Europe), obviously a 2000r stamp served very limited practical use.

Above is the stamp in block of four. The issue is recorded in the 1997 official stamp catalogue published by the Cambodian Department of Posts.

(to be continued)

Please click here for part II of this article: "Unlisted Stamps (II)"

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