24 August 2009

Unlisted Stamps (II)

The most exciting unlisted stamps of Cambodia are the surcharges. Since they were locally handstamped for postal use with no philatelic sales, overseas collectors have had a hard time identifying and collecting them.

After a long time of putting together bits and pieces of information, 19 surcharges have been recorded:

To spice it up, the original 1988 folk dance set has two stamps with a variety of inscription errors, they were surcharged alongside with the regular stamps.

Here is a genuine set of the folk dance surcharges with 1r variety.

More unlisted surcharges may exist, further research has to be done for a better picture.

Almost all 1990s surcharges have fakes - real stamps but forged surcharges. Some sources claim the CPO sold surcharges until late 2000s, if the CPO did, those are fakes too (YES, fakes from CPO). Fellow collector Jean-Marie Florent of Belgium is kind enough to scan some fakes for our reference: 

(courtesy: Jean-Marie Florent)

Please click here for part I of this article: "Unlisted Stamps (I)"


  1. For more overprints see, 'Cambodia's 'RPK' Overprints, 1979-80', which includes a list 25 RPK overprints in addition to your above list:


    Many thanks for the scans of the forgeries; yes, very clearly fake!

  2. Hi, Patrick Fung. Your blog is very interesting. I've got one of the space exploration stamps with the overprint. It's the 20R overprinted with 1,500R. I would like to send you a scan because the postmark ends with "14" (year?) but these stamps are from the 1990s. I would love you analyse this item and explain why "14" appears in the postmark. Have a good day!

    1. Hello, can you leave me your email? I have no way to reach you if you don't leave your contact. Thanks.