16 September 2009

45th Anniv of Cambodia - China Diplomatic Ties (II)

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The 2003 "45th Anniversary of Sino-Cambodian Diplomatic Ties" issue is not only about 2 stamps and a commemorative cover. There is some fun with the postmark too.

The following shows the standard commemorative postmark of Cambodia:

Surprising enough, not all the 50,000 covers produced are with this standard postmark. There is a variation found:

This postmark type II has an edge ring formed by two concentric circular lines. Both CNPC and Cambodia did not explain why an alternative postmark exists, but from the previous similar cases in the diplomatic series, it may be a sudden and hurry alteration during production which causes such variety.

The number of covers bearing this postmark type II is unknown, to my observation the number is small. They are quite scarce and rare.

Just as the standard postmark, postmark type II features on 3 different franking covers, the Angkor Wat stamp cover, the Great Wall stamp cover, and the full stamp set cover.

The rarest of all is the full stamp set with type II cancellation.

Postmark Type II covers are included in the 50,000 production, they all have print run serial number. Those 6,000 (or 4,000, please see part 1 of this article series) sent to Cambodia are only cancelled by the standard postmark.

All "45th Anniv of Sino-Cambodian Diplomatic Ties" commemorative covers are ready made. There was no hand-back datestamping service in China and Cambodia for this.

If you think all these cover vaieties are not interesting to you, here is the Cullinan diamond. Below shows a FDC messaged and autographed by HM King Father Norodom Sihanouk for the occasion. This FDC was done in Beijing and is the possession of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs philatelic association. (photo taken by yuzhu of China at a stamp expo).

Please click here for part I: "45th Anniv of Sino-Cambodian Diplomatic Ties (I)"

Philatelist Graham Shaw has a well written article titled "45th Anniversary of Cambodia-China Diplomatic ties: Joint Commemorative Issue, July 19, 2003", please click here to read.

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