13 January 2010

2001 Train S/S Miscut

The blog entry revision work is almost done, a few entries are rewritten or with scans/photos added. In the next entry there will have a little peep at registered mail codification.

In the meantime let's have a little freak piece for entertainment.

Cambodia, just as all other countries, has errors, freaks and oddities. There are inverts, colour variations, colour missing, blind perforations, misperforations, miscuts, design errors and many others, although they don't flood, they are not hard to come by.

Above shown is a CTO S/S of the 2001 PhilaNippon'01 trains issue. The pictorial set keeps thematic collectors eyes open, Cambodia specialists just treat it as another wallpaper yawn.

Originally there is white margin on four sides of the S/S design, the single direction shift in cutting results in bottom and right margins missing while the top and left margins so wide that margin markings can clearly be seen.

This CTO S/S freak is not particularly scarce, but quite interesting to look at.

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