19 September 2010

"Diplomatic Cover" to Czechoslovakia

This cover is available from a dealer located in Beijing, China. It is franked with 2 Cambodian (1983 fauna 2r and Khmer culture 1.5r) and 1 Czechoslovakian (1965 50h) stamps tied by 2 Takeo postmarks dated 1984. The back of cover is blank. He asks for more than 30 USD.

The dealer said that it is a commercial airmail cover, so I tried to find out how a "commercial airmail" without an addressee justifies the price.

I questioned where the receiver's address was printed, he pointed to the two black ink cachets.

Probably he thought I was western language illiterate or retarded or something so would believe in him. The word "Takeo" in Latin alphabets is very easy to read on the cachet, and the Khmer cachet just say the same thing, "Takeo". Takeo is the name of a Cambodian province and her capital of the same name.

A single word "Takeo" is not an address.

When realizing I was not dumb, the dealer made his second attempt by claiming it was a diplomatic cover sent by the Czechoslovakian embassy.

What? It was postmarked in Takeo, there was no embassy in Takeo. Most of all, a diplomatic cover would still have an address, or the cover should have the contents to prove the identity. The new claim obviously did not help. When I asked further, he kept silent.

It seems only to be a souvenir cover compiled by Czechoslovakians in Takeo who were in the support projects there. Such souvenir may sell at 1 USD if someone buys it, 30 USD is insane. As I have said before, when selling Cambodia most dealers love to make up stories and talk like expert, all for the sake of their pocket.

Below is an authentic commercial airmail from Takeo sent by a Czechoslovakian.  Notice the same cachet in black ink, "TAKEO" and the Khmer version of it, located on the top left corner of the cover under the arimail label, the cachet was used at the Takeo post office.

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