29 September 2010

Philatelic Pamphlets of Cambodia

Although philatelic service in Cambodia is some amateur staffs selling stamp sets as tourist souvenirs at no official price (there is official price but no one follows it), the postal administration does have something serious, there are philatelic pamphlets to promote new stamp issues and attract orders. These pamphlets are stuck on the post office walls and counters, overseas clients also receive them upon request and availability.

Throughout 1980s and 1990s, COPREFIL prepared pamphlets for each Cambodian issue they printed. The pamphlets are all colour printed on chalky paper, written in Khmer, French and English, usually single sided, decorated with a header design based on the Cambodian national flag. In most cases all key information including the date of issue, values, the design of first day pictorial postmark, name of designer and printing technical details are provided. Sometimes when there is too little space to squeeze in all information, back of the pamphlet is printed as well.


In 1989 the country changed her name from "People's Republic of Kampuchea" to "State of Cambodia". The pamphlets made a relevant alteration in the national flag part, for the rest it remained much the same.

In early 1990s COPREFIL introduced a pamphlet design revolution for their clients. The pamphlets are bilingual, French and English in the case of Cambodia, have water colour painted illustration, and each stamp design has a little paragraph to introduce and explain. They are more informative and attractive.

The other side of the pamphlet:

Sometimes the pamphlets are designed to be single folded, in most cases they are two fold.

Back of the pamphlet:

In the latter half of 1990s, pamphlets are no longer printed on chalky paper, but in B6 size on xerox paper. Text is in English and they were prepared in Germany by Global Philatelie GmbH rather than COPREFIL of Cuba.

Since 2001 Cambodia has been fully responsible for her own stamp issues. In most cases the stamps are printed in Vietnam and so are the pamphlets. The bilingual pamphlets are in Khmer and English on A4 chalky paper. Information on the designer and pictorial postmark is no longer available.

Instead of the philatelic agency contact address, now it features the Phnom Penh CPO address and the logo of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia.

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