20 October 2010

Maximum Cards of Cambodia

Maximaphily is not very popular among collectors of modern Cambodia as most collectors are actually outside the country who are unable to make their own maxicards.

The most common maxicards on the market are the WWF sets of 1986 wild cattles and 1997 Indian elephants. They are a dime a dozen. It should be noted that although they claim to be "official", they were arranged by Groth AG and COPREFIL, the official agencies of WWF and Cambodian stamps, Cambodian postal authority seems not informed. They have never been sold in Cambodia.

The following shows the WWF 1986 wild cattles and 1997 Indian elephants maxicard sets:

In 1999 Cambodia issued a sheetlet of 8 stamps and a label celebrating China'99 Stamp Expo. To spice things up, COPREFIL made a set of 8 postcards and 8 corresponding first-day pictorial postmarks available only at the Expo venue, collectors could make their own maxicards right the way. Some Chinese collectors took the chance to use their own postcards to compile distinct maxicards. The first maxicard shown below features the standard postcard, the second a private one:

These are the only 3 "official" maxicard sets ever available. If you want more maxicards, you have to compile your own.

Maximaphily is an advance hobby which demands great creativity and knowledge. There is no greater satisfaction than matching up the postcards, stamps and postmarks, I always prefer self compiled cards to official issues, what is your preference?

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