9 December 2010

Phnom Penh CPO Postmarks (Part 3)

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In 1998 Cambodia introduced machine cancels for the first time since 1979. Each machine cancel has a postmark dial and a cancel die. A series of blog entries have been done on the topic, please click here to read.


2006 saw the use of a new generation of postmarks on CPO mail. These postmarks are bilingual - Khmer and English, and for the first time a postcode is featured.

Basically two kinds of usage for this generation are to be distinguished, they are for arriving mail marked by the letter A and departing mail marked by the letter D. So far only A1, A2, D1 and D3 are known, they are currently in use alongside with generation II postmarks.

Although generation III first appeared on CPO mail in 2006, Khmer and English bilingual postmarks had been in use in Cambodia way before it. Graham Shaw in his article "the Post Offices of Phnom Penh" reported that in 2004 Olympic District post office of Phnom Penh had been using a postmark in Khmer and English in the format of this generation III. In my collection a 2003 cover from Poipet of Banteay Meanchey Province was cancelled by a generation III postmark as well.


CPO information source says that during the UNTAC era (1992-1993) some rubber postmarks similar to generation III but without the postcode were prepared, they were to satisfy collectors' needs. With reasons I remain sceptical on the story, and we all know CPO information is often unreliable as well. Nevertheless these bilingual (Khmer and English) offbeat cancellations mostly made their appearance in mid 2000s. A variety of size and fonts exist, the following gives two examples:

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