15 January 2011

New 2011 HIV/AIDS Awareness Stamps for Cambodia

Coat of Arms of Ministry of Health.

Minister of Post and Telecommunications of Cambodia announced that the country would issue 1 million stamps in 2011 to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, Xinhua News Agency reports.

"The stamps will be put in use from June." So Khun, the Minister said, adding that they will display images and messages aimed at educating the public about the disease.

Cambodia had her very first stamp issue to raise HIV/AIDS awareness in 2006. The 3v set was to celebrate the success of "Number One" condom social marketing program launched by the NGO Population Services International in 1994.

The National Centre for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology, and STDs estimates that currently about 56,200 people in the country are living with HIV/AIDS.


  1. That's great to know. Has the Cambodian postal service released any details on the number of stamps in the set, values, etc?

    As you said, they released a three-stamp set back in 2006 (former US President Bill Clinton was there for the release event).

    There was also a 5-stamp set in 2008 in honor of the Red Cross which has text about PLWHA ("people living with HIV/AIDS").

    I run AIDS on Stamps (www.aidsonstamps.com) and will link to this page in a day or two when I update it again. In the meantime I have linked to this page via the AIDS on Stamps Facebook page.

  2. According to fellow collector Graham Shaw, the June 2011 5v + S/S set is to mark the 30th anniv of AIDS epidemic. The design is to promote condom use. For some reasons it isn't 100% sure that the issue can be materialized, let's hope for the best.

  3. Latest update from Graham, 4v instead of 5.