6 November 2011

France'98 World Cup Essays

The stamp above is from the FRANCE'98 World Cup 6v and 1 S/S set which was officially issued on 10th January 1998.

And this is an essay of it.

One of the first materialized essays for the 6v are all in this format, a French Tricolour ribbon crosses the top left corner, a national flag placed vertically on the lower left, and a large picture of player on the right.

These are the flags chosen:
  • 200r - Italy
  • 500r - Brazil
  • 900r - Germany
  • 1000r - Argentina
  • 1500r - the United Kingdom
  • 4000r - Spain

Football fans easily spot the reason of selection and a foolish mistake. Except UK, all the countries were in the top 5 seeds. UK does not compete as a single entity, England and Scotland are represented by their own home nation teams.

The 5400r vertical souvenir sheet essay features a footballer with "World Cup Participants" in French at the bottom.

The finalized designs are all horizontal but not vertical, and the stamps are not specially devoted to specific national teams.

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