12 December 2011

Early Known Use of the 1980 Issue

The very first stamp set printed after postal service resumed in 1979 is the April 1980 "National Liberation" issue. It consists of four values, denominations are in riels which reintroduced in mid March 1980.

Although the stamps were scheduled to be issued on 10th April, they were made available to the public before it.

Here is a postal cover from Phnom Penh to Geneva franked with a full set, the three CPO postmarks show 9th April 1980, a day ahead of the official issue date.

In Phnom Penh it is common that postage stamps and philatelic products are actually available earlier or way later than the announced date of issue. This may due to the fact that philately in Cambodia virtually does not exist, postal clerks find it unimportant to strictly follow the time plan of sales.

The phenomenon happened to the post 1979 first issue and many issues onwards, and it is still happening now.


  1. Hi there. I have a non-related post question. I've been trying to locate newly issued Cambodian stamps for sale online, 2004 and onwards, but have not have any luck. Why is it so difficult? Do you know where I can buy recent issues online? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hiya. You may like to try some Europe based online auction sites.