24 January 2011

1991 Space Surcharges at Ridiculous Price

An American dealer has caught attention of some collectors of Cambodia by offering a 1991 Space surcharges short set.

The original set comprises of 7 values, this short set is without the lowest value 100r on 2r (Sc1145, Mi1223) and the second last highest value 1500r on 20r (Sc1150, Mi1228).

All values are bulleye canceled 10th October 1991.

The seller asks for 1100 USD. What justifies his mad price is his following claims:

"Each canc., PNOMH PENH 10.10.91"", probably first day. Cert. Osper (2008): These are the only Loose stamps of this issue known to me, the two other values 100/2R., 1500/20R. are only reported on cover. The scarcest postage stamps of Cambodia."

These stamps come with a certificate of authenticity issued by German expert Osper BPP. The stamps may be authentic, but the remarks are not very reliable.

I am sceptical about the knowledge and authority of Osper BPP in the field of Asian stamps. Collectors of Cambodia well aware that loose surcharges, both mint and used, are offered by different dealers once in a while. If the remarks "...these are the only Loose stamps of this issue known to me" was made by Osper, basically Osper was a stranger in the field; if it was the stamp dealer who said it, he made a big fuss over his own ignorance.

Sample covers are not too difficult to find for reference, look at this:

The postmark shows 15th June 1991. Certainly 10th October cannot be first day.

On an average the seller is asking for 220 USD per stamp. Used copies of 1991 space surcharges are more common than MNH, when MNH would not ask for 220 USD, how much can used copies fetch? A certificate of authenticity does not add much value to this short set, I consider this cancel-on-request short set under one eighth of the asked price to be reasonably listed with bulleye cancels greatly honoured.

In my previous blog entries, I have said that 95% of dealers know nothing more than you do on Cambodian stamps, they love to make up stories and speak like experts for the sake of their pockets. This case is a classic example, the dealer provides misleading information, sets a ridiculous price, disrupts market liquidity, eventually this kills the hobby.

15 January 2011

New 2011 HIV/AIDS Awareness Stamps for Cambodia

Coat of Arms of Ministry of Health.

Minister of Post and Telecommunications of Cambodia announced that the country would issue 1 million stamps in 2011 to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, Xinhua News Agency reports.

"The stamps will be put in use from June." So Khun, the Minister said, adding that they will display images and messages aimed at educating the public about the disease.

Cambodia had her very first stamp issue to raise HIV/AIDS awareness in 2006. The 3v set was to celebrate the success of "Number One" condom social marketing program launched by the NGO Population Services International in 1994.

The National Centre for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology, and STDs estimates that currently about 56,200 people in the country are living with HIV/AIDS.

8 January 2011

Cambodia at Shanghai Expo 2010

In 2010 Cambodia joined the World Expo for the third time to show the world the glory of Khmer civilization.

Although the Cambodia Pavilion in the magnificent show-off parade in Shanghai did not have jaw dropping architecture or alien technology display, the cultural showpieces proudly won visitors' exclamation.

To echo with the Expo theme "Better City, Better Life", Cambodia's pavilion embodied the 3 stages of Cambodian urban development: stone built architecture in the Angkor era, wood construction in the Odong era, and cement, gravel and sand buildings in the Chakdomuk era.

Each pavilion had a "national pavilion day", Cambodia's was on 28th June. The following is a "National Pavilion Day" souvenir card made with a Chinese postage prepaid postcard.

Cambodia Post did not issue any commemorative items to celebrate the event, but there is a postcard souvenir authorized by the Expo officials to mark the occasion.

It is noted that the printed cachet features wrong spelling of the country name, the kingdom becomes "Camaibodia". This is not the case on the handstamp cachet available at the pavilion.

On 1st October HM King Sihamoni made a visit to the Cambodia Pavilion showing his support and appreciation, below is the relevant news report by the National Television of Cambodia (TVK). Collectors of Cambodian stamps will find many exhibition scenes and items have been previously depicted on Cambodian stamps: