17 April 2011

Sihanoukville Post Offices

Collectors who do not read Khmer would conclude that this mail was sent at the Sihanoukville post office, since they can only recognize the geographic name "Sihanoukville" on the two different postmarks.

The city of Sihanoukville has two post offices. The large postmark belongs to the branch office in Phsar Loeu (New Market), it is located in down town area. The geographic name "Phsar Loeu" is inscribed in Khmer within the upper rim of the postmark.

The small postmark belongs to the main office. The main office is near the City Hall which is in Weather Station Hill area near the Victory Beach.

This mail was sent at Phsar Loeu office, then taken to the main office and so received the main office arrival postmark, and then delivered to Phnom Penh to fly to Germany.

Postcode for the main office is 18000. Phsar Loeu postmark used to show 18200, now it becomes 18000 (see the large postmark).

Sihanoukville is a coastal city founded in 1960 to be the first deep water port of the country. Suffered from 30 years of war, picturesque Sihanoukville attained peace and stability only a decade back, she is now quickly picking up as the hottest holiday town and trade port of Cambodia again.

4 April 2011

Specimen stamps of Cambodia

Above is the 1999 8v issue to celebrate the China'99 Stamp Expo.

This particular sheetlet is available from a Holland dealer at a very low price. The bottom left corner stamp is torn off, on the gum side there is a red ink handstamp "MUSTER" which is the German word for specimen.

This specimen sheetlet is neither from COPREFIL nor Cambodian Post, it is the work of Global Philatelie GmbH, the philatelic agent of Cambodia. The Pirmasens based company served as the sole marketing agent of Cambodia and other COPREFIL client nations in the second half of 1990s.

Cover and inside of the Global Philatelie GmbH price catalogue for individual collectors.

Philatelic agencies sometimes send specimens to wholesalers, dealers and individual collectors to attract philatelic orders. In Asia Mongolia is very well known for her handstamped on gum specimens, Cambodia is way less heard of.

Interested collectors are advised not to spend much on these specimens as they have very low philatelic value.