23 June 2011

Cambodian Stamps in Private hands Go Obsolete

Cambodia Post no longer accept stamps as postage prepayment.

Cambodia Post becomes a public enterprise starting from 2011. The first move that surprise stamps collectors is to make all stamps which have already sold obsolete.

First in February Cambodia Post declared three stamps invalid for postal use:

1997 Definitives "Tuk Chua" 2500r
1997 Definitives "Tuk Chua" 3000r
2001 Defintives "Takeo" 1500r

This is the corresponding action taken against a stamp theft at the CPO archive a while earlier. For the first time Cambodia officially declares stamps issued after 1979 as obsolete.

Then at the same time, postal clerks request all mail senders to pay at counter for their mail, equivalent cost of stamps are given for franking. Stamps franked prior are not accepted.

In other words, all mint stamps in private hands are obsolete in practice.

The new policy does not cause much impact on mail service users because people always send their mail by taking it to the post office to pay and send, it is not a common practice to buy stamps in advance for further use, nor to use letter boxes on the streets.

18 June 2011

2011 AIDS Stamps Update

It is confirmed that Cambodia Post scheduled to issue a set of 4v stamps on 5th June 2011 to commemorate "30 Years since the Start of AIDS Epidemic". At the end of the month the stamps will be officially launched.

Stamp designs are to promote safe sex, monogamy and faithfulness.

(Special thanks to Graham Shaw for the information supplied)

29th June Update: for further information, please visit Graham Shaw's page (click here).

8 June 2011

1981 Postmark Year Slug Inverted

Here is the 1980 4v full set (the first stamp issue after Pol Pot regime collapsed) franked on cover to France in 1981. In 1980 and 1981 the full set was often used as propaganda signifying national rebirth.

The cover would have been boring if the postmark is not as such:

The year slug "81" are inverted, numerals upside down.