28 April 2012

Cambodian Diana Bogus Stamps at Michael Rogers Mail Sale

In mail sale #103 of Michael Rogers which just closed on 27th April 2012, lot #1967 is a set of Cambodian 1997 Princess Diana commemorative "deluxe sheets".

Below is a screen capture of the online sale list relevant section, lot #1967 has a thumbnail of one of the eight sheets:

These so called "deluxe sheets" have been covered in my 23rd June 2009 blog entry "Bogus Princess Diana Stamps".

Cambodia released a sheetlet of 8 stamps with a label in commemoration of Princess Diana on 15th December 2007 (Sc 1685 / Mi 1778-1785). FDCs are the only related product produced by the Cuban printer COPREFIL and sold by agent Global Philatelie GmbH.

Probably due to time and energy saving, the creator used the same selvedge patterns on a few other bogus items as well, some Diana themed, some not. Below shows two of them:

Here is the origin. The generic selvedge patterns are cropped from 1998 Diana commemoratives of Chad (Sc 774):

Collectors are reminded that the Cambodian issue is not part of any omnibus series, it does not share uniform design with other countries.  The so called "deluxe sheets" are 100% bogus.

Sometimes counterfeits or even bogus items do appear in public auctions and sales of reputable dealers, chaotic stamp floods and lack of reliable information contributes to the hardship of distinguishing authentic issues from bogus.

The authentic 8v plus label Diana sheetlet of Cambodia is illustrated below. Notice the decorative selvedge line box, if deluxe sheets were issued, it is logic that the same orange line box would have been employed, not the garland.

Please click here for my 23rd June 2009 blog entry "Bogus Princess Diana Stamps".

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