17 April 2012

US Defense Attache Office in Phnom Penh

Postmarked 30th June 2000 and received on 5th July, this is a mail from the US Defense Attache Office (USDAO) of the US Embassy in Phnom Penh to Sugar Land of Texas. It was delivered by the US Air Force postal service which takes care of both US army and air force mail.

Seal of USDAO

USDAO in Phnom Penh is the representative of the American Secretary of Defense, the Military Service Secretaries and the Commander of US Pacific Command. The office also serves as military advisors to the Chief of Mission and provide liason with the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.

Prior to July 1997 Hun Sen's coup, the US had been the biggest supplier of military aid to Cambodia, but defence assistance was prohibited since then until 2005 when Washington announced that it would overturn its ban on military aid to Cambodia.

Currently the major military donors of Cambodia are China, Vietnam, Australia and France.

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