15 February 2012

2005 Flowers Issue - Species Error

When it comes to stamp design, the Cambodian postal authority does not employ relevant specialists for information advice, and so the design sometimes give errors.

In 2005 a set of 5 stamps and a S/S is devoted to flowers, it features Cambodian water lilies in varies colours. The inscription lists the species on all the five stamps as Nymphaea lotus L.

The genus of Nymphaea has about fifty species, Nymphaea lotus L. is one of them. Common names of Nymphaea lotus L. include Egyptian White Water Lily and White Lotus, and just as these names suggest, the species bears white flowers (var. rubra is pink red).

Some of the most common species of water lilies in Cambodia are Nymphaea pubescens and Nymphaea nouchali, their flowers are depicted on the stamps actually.