11 March 2012

2008 Aquatic Plants Issue - Species Errors

This is the third in series of stamp inscription errors following the 2005 "Flowers" and 2006 "Fish" (dolphins) entries, the 2008 "Aquatic Plants" inscription errors.

On 30th June 2008 Cambodia Post launched a set of 5v stamps and a S/S dedicated to "Aquatic Plants". The issue depicts flowers of five plants commonly found in silent waters of Cambodia with herbal values treasured by local people. Surprisingly four out of the five scientific names are inaccurately inscribed.

The 100r stamp is the only stamp with correct species name indicated, Monochoria vaginalis.

Monochoria vaginalis on stamp.

Monochoria vaginalis in bloom.

The 600r stamp has an inscription of species name Altermanthera sessilis. The genus is wrongly spelt, it should be "Alternanthera", an "m" instead of "n" in the middle. The following is what the flowers of Alternanthera sessilis look like:

Alternanthera sessilis

However the flowers shown on stamp actually belong to Cyanotis axillaris, a whole different plant.

Cyanotis axillaris on 600r.

Cyanotis axillaris. The plant can be used as medicine for ascites and abortions.

The 1900r stamp lists the plant as Nymphcides hydropgylla, again it gives spelling errors, the correct spelling is Nymphoides hydrophylla. Nymphoides hydrophylla flowers are like this:

Nymphoides hydrophylla

What shown on stamp is in fact Nymphoides indica (common name water snowflakes).

Nymphoides indica on 1900r.

Nymphoides indica. It can be used as a febrifuge.

The name Limnophila goffrayi is given on the 2000r stamp. The actual plant shown on stamp is Limnophila chinensis.

Limnophila chinensis on 2000r.

Limnophila chinensis is a culinary herb commonly found in rice paddies.

The plant on 2200r stamp is Xyris indica, yet the genus name printed on stamp is wrongly spelt as Xyrir.

Xyris indica on 2200r.

Xyris indica. It is medicinally used against itch, sore and leprosy.

The spelling errors are likely caused by careless typing since the wrong letters in spelling are next to the right ones on keyboard. But wrong plant species inscriptions are somewhat hard to explain their cause.