13 May 2012

Cambodian Offcial FDC with Wrong Postmarks

Most Cambodian stamps issued since 1980 have official FDCs. In general these FDCs are properly prepared but errors do happen, and due to ridiculously small attention they receive, the errors are little known and documented.

The following error might have been discovered by finger counted specialists but it has not been reported anywhere before, as a result most collectors of Cambodia are unaware of it. There involves the national independence celebration FDC issued on 9th November and the 10th anniversary of International Volunteer Day FDC issued on 30th December:

Pay a little attention to the cancellation, the commemorative postmarks are swapped: the International Votunteer Day pictorial postmark is on the national independence FDC while the national independence pictorial postmark is on the International Votunteer Day FDC.

left: FD pictorial postmark for independence day;
right: FD pictorial postmark for International Volunteer Day.

The FDCs were prepared by COPREFIL with no hand-back cases recorded at Phnom Penh CPO, this means all FDCs of the two issues have the same error. In case there are samples with correct postmarking, they are latter-day creations by fake makers.