27 December 2012

Sihamoni on Chinese Commemorative Covers

Two Chinese commemorative covers have marked the occasion of HM King Sihamoni's visit to Henan Province of PR China.

Issued by the Henan provincial postal authority on 5th August 2012, the commemorative covers feature the greetings "Friendship Forever Between China and Cambodia" written by His Majesty in Khmer and the corresponding Chinese translation, and each a tourist hot spot of Henan as pictorial design: the Longmen Grottoes, and the Shaolin Monastery.

His Majesty's trip was honoured by two Chinese special commemorative postmarks, one from Luoyang (showing peonies), an ancient Chinese imperial capital located in Henan, the other Zhengzhou (showing a kungfu monk), the provincial capital of Henan.

Cambodia did not issue any philatelic material for the visit so a Cambodian embassy seal was used to tie the Cambodian stamps franked on the commemorative covers.

Invited by the Chinese President Jintao Hu, His Majesty stayed in Henan from 5th - 7th August 2012 during his official visit to PR China from late July to early August.