2 August 2013

55 Years of Cambodia-China Diplomatic Ties

This year marks the 55th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Cambodia and PR China, both governments celebrate 2013 as the "Cambodia and China Friendship Year".  It is hailed by the Chinese with a commemorative cover issued in the "WJ" diplomatic commemorative cover series which kicked off in 1999.

The Chinese issued a similar cover back in 2003 (for a report on this, please click here), with both Chinese and Cambodian stamps franked and canceled.  This time it is reported that no stamps are issued for the celebration, and because of insufficient time for preparation, only a Chinese stamp is franked (from the 2013 "Gilded Buddha Statues" set), no Cambodian stamp is used.

Although the cover has postmark dated 19th July 2013, it was presented to H.E. Mr Khek Lerang, the Cambodian ambassador to China at the Cambodian embassy in Beijing on 2nd July.  The presentation ceremony was attended by about 200 officials and guests. 

Since last time the national flags were used, this time it is the coat of arms which occupy the bottom left corner of the cover as cachet.  The Chinese and Khmer inscription reads "55th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties between the People's Republic of China and Kingdom of Cambodia".

Here is a large scan of the commemorative postmark, national flags of both countries make up the design:

The Chinese inscription is the same as that on the cover.

Unlikely the 2003 issue, none of these covers are sent to Cambodia for sale, after all the cover does not carry Cambodian stamp and postmark.

For my entry on the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Cambodia and China, please click here.

(Information source: Philatelic Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC)

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