19 November 2013

55 Years of Cambodia-China Diplomatic Ties Follow Up

On 2 August 2013 I reported that China issued a commemorative cover to mark the 55th anniversary of Cambodia-China diplomatic ties (click here for a link to the blog entry).  This is a follow up on the news,

After the cover from the China National Philatelic Corporation is made available to the general public, it is found that the commemorative postmark is different from what publicized before: a lotus flower and leaf design is used instead of the national flags of Cambodia and China.

The total print run of the cover is 50,000, each of them has its own print run serial at the bottom right corner on the back:

One thing is consistent with the publicity: no Cambodian stamp and postmark is featured, this may due to the a lack of time for arrangement.

Just as the other diplomatic anniversary commemorative covers issued by China, there is a presentation ceremony held with diplomats of the two countries attended.  A special 'VIP" version of the cover is given as complimentary souvenir to the ceremony attendees.  Only a handful of these "VIP" covers make their way to the philatelic market and so they are quite rare and scarce.

I manage to find a sample of this "VIP" cover, it has a Cambodian stamp from the 2008 "50th Years of Cambodia-China Diplmatic Ties" 2v set, tied by a black ink cachet.

The Chinese prepared Cambodian cachet features the national flags of the two nations as well as the title of the issue in Khmer.  The placement of the two flags is China on the left, Cambodia on the right and this arrangement fails to follow international flag protocol.  It is a Cambodian cachet, not a Chinese cachet, so the flag of honour is the Cambodian which should appear on the left, not on the right.  The Chinese authority does make a careless diplomatic mistake this time.

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