20 December 2013

Cambodian Stamp Dealer - Hollósi Attila the Cheater

I would like to draw your attention to a notorious Hungarian seller named  Hollósi Attila (Hollósi is the family name),  his address Király utca 21, 2.emelet. 33, 1074 Budapest, Hungary.  One of his identiy at eBay is "nnn776" and one of the identities he uses at Delcampe is "Puskasarmy1909" which now deactivated.

Hollósi Attila's way of cheating is nothing new.  First he put up some 1982 Cambodia "60th Anniversary of USSR" first day folders on sale at Delcampe.  After buyers made their payment through Paypal, Hollósi Attila pretended that he did not receive.  When buyers showed the Paypal transaction numbers, he asked buyers to withdraw the money and send to another non Delcampe linked Paypal account.

Once payment fixed, Hollósi Attila claimed that on a certain date he would send the merchandise by registered airmail which he has charged, but in fact he never sent, he would not provide buyers the mail registration number, and he would not reply any of the emails since then.

What actually happened after that certain date which he claimed he would send the merchandise is that, Hollósi Attila relisted that item at eBay.  In another case, a buyer sent him cash and he simply vanished from sight.

Sometimes he put the items at eBay, but never send them to buyers.  Buyers have to get their refund under the buyer protection scheme of Paypal, then Attila claims the buyers "withdraw" payment, so he does not send out the items.   Putting the cart before the horse is such an old trick.

Although he goes online frequently, he only replies buyers' email every two or three weeks, in such a way the communication time is prolonged for the sake of dragging buyers out of the Paypal buyers protection period.

This is one of items he so called sells:

Hollósi Attila is now trading under the eBay identity "nnn776".  His feedback rate is merely 91.4% which is very low by eBay standard, and all his negative feedbacks are about selling items, complaints are all about taking money but not sending the merchandise, and he ignored all emails from buyers after taking the money.

In the last 12 months, Hollósi Attila had 6 transactions at eBay as a seller, according to record, he only completed the first 3 transactions, for the latter 3, he cheated money.  His negative feedback received at Delcampe is the same, money cheater.  So, you make your decision if you would waste your time messing with him.