20 November 2014

Bogus Bhutanese Stamps with Cambodian Stamp Design

Some more bogus stamps. 

Below is a poorly produced bogus Bhutanese sheetlet of six stamps on the topic of fish.  What makes this sheetlet too amateur is the Khmer scripts which Bhutan has never used, and the curreny is "k" but the national currency of Bhutan is actually ngultrum "Nu":

Sounds very Cambodian.  Yes, it does, and the design too, it is faithfully adopted from two Cambodian stamps:

The cyprinid is from the 1983 "Cambodian Fish" set.  It is tinfoil barb which can be found in the Tonlé Sap, the Cambodian Mekong and other rivers and streams of the country.  The red fish stamp is from the 1999 "Aquarium Fish" set, the fish featured is clown rasbora, a species of ray-finned fish in Malaysia.

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