12 November 2014

Bogus Cat Stamps of Cambodia

Cambodia, just as many developing countries, has fallen victim of the bogus stamp trade since 1990s.  Thematic bogus stamps, sheetlets, deluxe sheets, and even cancellations often succeed in deceiving casual collectors as philatelic information of modern Cambodia is rare.

In 2011 I did a blog entry on the helicopter bogus (click here to read).  Here is another bogus with very similar layout, same "denomination" of 1500r and year "2010": 

The cat bogus souvenir sheets have the same presentation format as those of General Charles de Gaulle sheets reported by Thierry Wiart in the journal Indo-China Philatelist #198: 2 souvenir sheets of 2 vertically joined pair of stamps each, very likely a sheetlet of 9 stamps exists as well.  The country name is in English, same as the helicopter bogus.  So far I only see the imperforate version.

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