2 March 2014

Espana '84 Philatelic Cachet of Cambodia

During the 1980s, Cambodia did not only frequently celebrate world stamp exhibitions with thematic stamps, commemorative cachets were prepared for philatelic promotion as well.

The FIP exhibition of Espana'84 was held in Mardrid in 1984.  Cambodia, represented by the an agent on behalf of COPREFIL, participated in the 10 day event by offering philatelic sales and a commemorative handstamp cachet (not postmark) for application.

The Espana'84 handstamp cachet was available at the exhibition venue only, it depicts the exhibition logo with bilingual inscription of Khmer and French.  The exhibition dates are indicated as 27.4 / 6.5:

A souvenir sheet was issued containing a 5r stamp which featured a Hispano-Suiza K6 luxury car.  The year of introduction of the automobile given on the souvenir sheet is 1933, however this Spanish car actually appeared in Barcelona as model T-60 in 1932, and it was presented in Paris in October 1934 as K6.

A close-up of the stamp on souvenir sheet.

The souvenir sheet is a first for Cambodia to issue stamps for world stamp exhibition.  Below is the FDC of the issue, the cancellation is a first day commemorative postmark.