20 May 2014

CPO Machine Cancel Variations of Cambodia

I wrote two blog enteries in 2009 on the Phnom Penh CPO machine cancels for letters.  Here are the direct links if you miss them:

- Phnom Penh Machine Cancels (I) 
- Phnom Penh Machine Cancels (II)

This blog post serves as an update on the generation 3 machine cancel varieties which I mentioned in part II of the blog series mentioned above.  Generation 3 machine cancel was first introduced in 1999, here is a sample of it:

The square date dial on the left has its date format vertically arranged from top to bottom in the following sequence:

Day + Month

Since 2000 the date and time have their order swapped sometimes, and there is a rare variety with year arranged first, then time and day+month follow.  The left sample below is in the former case, the right sample latter:

A decade later more variations appear.  Since 2011 the time slug has often been inverted.  It is not only the "9 - AM" numerals and letters inverted, the placement order is inverted as well.  Very likely the postal staff had the postmark upside down when filling the time slug.  Just as the proper placement case, sometimes the time, date+month and slugs are in irregular orders, below shows the 3 varieties found so far, which are:
1) day+month, time, year
2) time, day+month, year
3) day+month, year, time

A summary of the date format varieties is shown below, please note that this is not a full check list as new varieties may come to light in the future :