30 October 2015

Philex France 99 Philatelic Cachet of Cambodia

Handstamp cachets is a largely neglected area in modern Cambodian philately, it is the difficulty in collecting and the next to nil availability of information and references which makes the area out of spotlight.  In my previous blog entries I brought some cachets into the public eye, here is another one, the "Philex France 99" philatelic cachet.

Philex France 99 is a world class philatelic exhibition held in 1999.  Marking the 150th anniversary of  the first postage stamp of France, the exhibition last from 2nd to 11th of June at the Grand Palais of Paris.  Cambodia, a former French protectorate, issued 6 stamps and a souvenir sheet to celebrate the event.

The stamp set (Sc1874-1880 / Mi1951-1957) reproduces still life paintings of 19th century French Post-Impressionist artists.  Official FDCs were issued with a Khmer and French bilingual pictorial postmark which depicts a vessel from AndrĂ© Derain's oil painting "Table et chaises" (Table and chairs) of 1912:

Here is the original painting, it is featured on the 900r stamp as well, see the vessel there as one of the major objects in the painting:

During the exhibition time, a philatelic cachet was available to handstamp on venue.  The cachet design is based on the first day postmark with the vessel.  The primary differences are the fonts for both Khmer and French inscription as well as the contents of the French inscription, exhibiton dates has replaced the first day of issue date:

Here is the first day postmark again for comparison, it can be seen that the vessel has moved closer to the postmark edge to make room for large fonts at the centre: