26 July 2016

Essen '84 Philatelic Cachet of Cambodia

After the re-establishment of postal system, in 1983 Cambodia started to have handstamp cachets marking international philatelic events.   Here is a cachet from May 1984, it celebrates the oldest international stamp fair of Germany - Briefmarken-Messe Essen.

Held from 26th - 31st May, Essen '84 is the 5th of the annual international stamp fair of Essen.  Cambodia was represented by COPREFIL, along with some of the client nations of the company.   A handstamp cachet was available at the spot for visitors to make their own souvenirs.

The cachet is inscribed "5eme Foire Internationale due timbre-poste POSTES KAMPUCHEA 26-31 Mai 84 messe", noted that almost all words are French except "messe" which is German for "fair". 

The cachet greatly resembles to the cachet of Cuba, after all they are both represented by the same agent.  A sample of the Cuban cachet is shown below, the only difference is the inscription.

Without surprise, the design of both cachets is based on the stamp fair logo:

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