8 May 2016

Golden-fronted Leafbird on Cambodian Stamp, Error?


Cambodia issued a set of 7v stamps in 1984 (Sc470-476) to honour birds which can be found in the country.  The 1r stamp depicts a golden-fronted leafbird (Chloropsis aurifrons) standing on a flowering branch which looks very much like a Prunus blossom branch.

Golden-fronted leafbird is a species in the Chloropseidae family, it occurs across India and most part of Indochina, so it is a fauna of Cambodia.

Geographic range map of golden-fronted leafbird.
(source: IUCN Red List of Threatened Species)

Adult golden-fronted leafbird is described to have straight to lightly down-curved bills, green-bodied with a black face and throat bordered with yellow.  It has an orange forehead and blue moustachial line. Below is a maximum card of the 1r stamp tied by a 1985 Phnom Penh Central Post Office cancellation:

While the stamp illustration shows a golden-fronted leafbird, the inscription has a non corresponding species name.  On the right of the stamp it says "Chloropsis aurifrons inornata Kloss", one of the 6 Chloropsis aurifrons subspecies.  Chloropsis aurifrons inornata Kloss differs from Chloropsis aurifrons in having less orange on the forehead and practically no golden collar.  This subspecies habits in central and eastern Thailand, Cambodia and southern Viet Nam.

Chloropsis aurifrons inornata Kloss has no golden collar.
(Photographer: Parinya Padungtin)